Stonewall Tell Elementary
 5th Grade Team

Social Studies Fair Projects
All 5th Grade Students are expected to have a Social Studies Fair project. Students can work by themselves or in groups of two or three. Parents are responsible for organizing time for groups of students to meet afterschool and on weekends to work on group projects.
Each Social Studies Project should have the following:
-Abstract (Title, their name(s), statement of the problem, methodology, and conclusion)
(Stated in the form of a question)




-Summary paper
Your classroom teacher will be sending pictures of previous projects and a tentative timeline for completing the project.
Please refer to following pages of the Guide to Social Studies Fairs when discussing with students and parents:
 -Purpose and Goals p. 3
-Teachers explain pg. 6-10
-Appendix 1 (Information Processing Skills) p. 20
-Appendix 2 (Answers of questions for planning school fairs is attached to this email) p. 21
-Appendix 4a (Guidelines for students: Selecting a topic
 -Appendix 4b (Social Studies Research: Preparing Student Projects) pg 26-27
-Appendix 5 (Titles of Winning Projects from State Fairs) p. 28-29
-Appendix 8 (List of Social Studies Sources/Resources/Tools) p. 33
-Appendix 9 (Research Summary Paper Format) p. 34
-Appendix 10 (Basic Components of the Visual Presentation) pg. 35-36
-Appendix 10b (Illustration from Previous Fair) p. 37
-Appendix 11 (Sample Abstract...3X5 index card) p. 38
Please note: The last two pages show the RUBRIC used to score all projects at the local and county levels. Please go to the link and print the 2011 Guide to Social Studies Fair for specific procedures, expectations, and scoring rubrics.